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Added 2024-04-29
13:55 min VIDEO

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anonymous wrote (2024-04-29 18:37:53):
Perfect girl, perfect video!
Chris13 wrote (2024-04-29 12:14:37):
Thanks so much for already posting another video! Would be so amazing if SB finally listens to the endless requests for more films and if  this becomes the regular output-rate of SB-movies!!
FENDI is a very pretty & hot girl with a wonderful body - and it's great to see how she loves to show it - in really marvellous, bold poses!
Still I think that WART's videos lack vitality, friskyness, teasing & playfulness - IMHO it makes such a huge difference if the girl is playful, interacts with the camera and gives us lots of different facial expressions!
Try to seduce the viewer! Tease us! Give us different facial expressions! Interact with the camera, like a wink or a "come here!"
The camera is too static as well, I think.
Nevertheless  I really liked the video, FENDI is really gorgeous!
Please more videos from ALEXXA & PANKRATOV!
Thank you!
EmzedAr wrote (2024-04-29 01:14:28):
My goodness Fendi & Wart you both knocked it out of the park with this hot film!
This movie was pieced together so well and I loved all of it :)
6:50-8:13 is the starter:)
11:50-13:05 is the appetizer:))
13:20 to the end is the desert :)))
Hope she stays around.
trit45Ts4 wrote (2024-04-29 01:04:48):
Absolutely beautiful!