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Added 2018-04-02
10:18 min VIDEO

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Miezenmax wrote (2018-06-01 15:25:46):
Fantastic video by Shokoladov with the oh so adorable and very hot Sara. More like this, that is exactly what we are here for!
anonymous wrote (2018-05-16 22:54:38):
Agree w Chris, but enjoyed the show tremendously once her panties hit the floor! Gorgeous butt nekkid as the day she was born, she's all sweaty INCLUDING her BEAUTIFUL BALD WET pee-pee! Fantastically pretty tight puckered asshole too! She serves it all up at sniffin' distance w a pretty smile on er sweet sweaty face! Would LOVE to jack off all over that pretty face; what a beautiful sight that'd be! Yummy pud smackin' real men's pornographic art entertainment! Very good girl!
Chris13 wrote (2018-05-04 14:23:16):
SHOKOLADOV never disappoints with his productions, I especially LOVE his videos of course. IMHO they emanate the most style, glamour and eroticism on your site. And I adore to be teased by the model, I think a girl is so much more desirable if she doesn't show everything in the first 30 seconds! She has to take her time to seduce the viewer! And SHOKOLADOV knows perfectly well how itīs done! Great video, wonderful girl, stylish setting! More scenes like this one, please!