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Added 2011-09-05
23:00 min VIDEO

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anonymous wrote (2018-05-16 23:56:23):
Tina is THE perfect specimen of the female body! She simply makes me empty my ball sacks every time I watch this vid! PERFECT rock hard titties & nipples tight round ass cheeks framing that FABULOUS tight pink BALD pee-pee & perfect tight puckered asshole! All served up at sniffin' distance w a pretty smile on her face! Always wish I could splatter a massive jizz shot all over that pretty face & hair gluing her pretty eyes shut! Such a pretty mess all over her sweet face! Very good girl!
anonymous wrote (2015-01-20 22:08:12):
Teasing beyond imagination!!!
A most beautiful face with a sinful smile an immaculate  body continuously moving the centre body parts with legs wide spread and inviting in multiple positions, well exposing and sometimes nearly parting the inner pussy lips. A perfect dream!!!
river4488 wrote (2013-06-10 17:02:27):
Tina is without doubt the most beautiful and sexy model that I have ever seen.  She is so sensuous. Not only a perfect face but a body to die for with the most outstanding legs you can ever imagine.  A true gift from the gods of beauty.
anonymous wrote (2013-02-02 17:41:12):