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Added 2014-08-21
10:46 min VIDEO

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anonymous wrote (2017-12-05 15:34:42):
Krista has very cute face, smoking body, delicious breasts and pussy with amazing legs. Simply WOW!
anonymous wrote (2015-08-15 12:56:07):
Great Model.I like her.
beasho wrote (2015-02-07 02:46:56):
Krista is very confident on the beach in the nude with legs firmly appart. What got me hooked on this beauty is her lovely freckled face combined with the wobble of her left boob when she removes her shirt - proving the firmness of her perfectly sized beautifully formed boobs. They really would be a pleasure to play with. And then she presents the warm flesh of her up-sized pussy with an inviting look on her face in the background and teasing movements of her wide open thighs. A dream of a Lady.
LashLaRue41 wrote (2015-01-20 19:54:57):
Eating Krista's pussy and feeling it cuming on my tongue would be
nirvana, however I'd chose a place less sandy.