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Added 2016-04-05
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anonymous wrote (2016-09-06 09:22:07):
Anna wanted to practice for her photoshoots coming up so I helped her learn how to be seductive and spread her legs and masturbate and how to spread her ass cheeks so her pussy and asshole would be easy to see plus how to fondle her breasts, and we would always end up fucking the night away, but tonight she was nervous because she thought her ass was too big and ugly. Anna's bottom is fantastic and beautiful and I told her so and to convince her I had her take her pants off and sit her naked ass on my lap. She got me hard in about 5 seconds so she started to relax. To relax her more I had her spread her ass on the bed and fondled her big beautiful butt cheeks as I took in her all girl aroma. I spread her cheeks wide so I could see her anus which was a little moist and very pink. Couldn't resist any more so I dove in with my tongue and licked and sucked on her sphincter and ran my tongue around her anus again and again, gradually loosening it each time. I pressed more firmly and my tongue slid inside her anus...the flavor of her ass was incredible; very musky and sweet. I worked on enlarging her asshole until it was very wide now and I tongue fucked her for a while. She came with anal contractions and then said she wanted something bigger and guided my stiff, throbbing member between her cheeks and pushed herself back onto me, wrapping her hot, throbbing asshole around me down to my balls. Soon I was thrusting deep and hard as she said "ooh!" with every push. She came a couple more times and I could feel every contraction with my Johnson as she shuddered and moaned and I thrusted inside of her asshole. Soon I was ready to cum and she took me straight from her anus between her lips to drink it all down...I love practice.