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Added 2015-11-02
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anonymous wrote (2016-09-04 18:34:36):
Izabella calls me in to her room to 'get ready' for her photo shoot. She tells me to put some lotion on her and remove her clothes so I can. I am really nervous now and start on her shoulders since she is such an experienced model. Izabella then lays back on the couch and spreads her legs wide and reveals her beautiful pussy and makes me apply the lotion on her legs and in between and all over her pussy lips and inside as well. My fingers are wet when she tells me to apply some lotion in her ass so I shakily spread open her anus after she lays back farther and gently massage inside her asshole with three fingers pretty deep. She likes that and asks for more so I get down and put my face between her butt cheeks pushing her asshole open wide with my tongue. Her taste is incredible and my mouth waters as I taste inside her anus down into her rectum and smell her sweet and dusky aroma. Then she turns over and spreads her ass wide telling me to finish her. My stiffness goes inside her tight ass easily since she is pretty juicy and it feels like she has had cocks in her ass before. She is moaning and shuddering as my member spreads her sphincter wide and I thrust in deep and hard now. Soon I can't hold back and I fill her ass up with my cum. With that Izabel bounces up and says she is ready for her shoot!
Bigbonerlaw wrote (2015-11-10 08:25:40):
There aren't nearly enough shots of that wonderous bottom :(