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Added 2015-11-04
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anonymous wrote (2016-09-05 12:08:14):
I came over to give Amelia her regular massage before the shoot I was a little nervous because she is so beautiful. She removed all her clothes and I massaged her back and gave extra attention to her naked ass. I pressed on her large cool butt cheeks and admired her long thick smooth legs. When I pushed and spread apart her ass cheeks I could tell she was getting hot from the drops of dew on the lips of her tiny pink pussy and her musky, sexy aroma. Her anus is always incredible to see; fresh, young and puckered just a little. I could see a little brown but I didn't care and licked and inhaled the glorious flavor and aroma of her asshole. I sucked her whole sphincter into my mouth and ran my tongue around it, then I let it go and the little rosebud sprang open, revealing the dark moistness inside. I slid my tongue inside and licked the interior of her anus and drank in the delicious flavor. Then she demanded something bigger and reached back and grasped my stiff boner and pressed it to her asshole. My glans slid in easily and I pushed more firmly to start my shaft sliding in little by little as her anus stretched open wider; eventually my balls made contact with her pussy and I started thrusting back and forth. The feeling was incredible as my extra stiff boner was entirely inside her ass. I steeled myself and held on until I felt her orgasm with strong contractions around my shaft while I stroked and pushed as deep as I could go. I gave her butthole an internal anal massage and then released jets of cum deep inside Amelia's rectum. She took my cock straight out of her asshole and into her mouth to swallow the remaining drops...