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Added 2015-11-12
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anonymous wrote (2016-09-04 09:31:25):
The photographer sent me in to Gerda's dressing room to "Get her ready for the shoot". When I opened the door she already had her pants off and she looked really hot. When I asked what she needed she turned around and bent over her dressing table so I got down on my knees and grasped her slim hips. I pushed my face between her ass cheeks and started licking the anus. Gerda is a skinny teen so her ass smelled sweet and tasted great. I could actually take her whole asshole and suck it into my mouth and then release which I did several times. She was writhing in pleasure and asking for cock so I slipped the head inside her ass and let her adjust. She is young so it stretched pretty quickly and soon I could start pushing inward. Inch by inch I pushed until she took the whole shaft inside and then I started thrusting...slowly at first but then harder and very deep . Then I blew my load in her ass and she moaned in orgasm. I looked closely at her anus; it was red, throbbing and enlarged...a little sloppy looking. Perfect for the photoshoot!