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Added 2018-02-27
12:00 min VIDEO

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anonymous wrote (2018-03-26 16:01:32):
Gourekus is spot on! This girl gives it to us real good at sniffin' distance w a pretty smile on her sweet face! LOVE the double ponytails! Fabulous real men's primo pornographic art entertainment to beat off over here & she knows it! LOVE a girl sho obviously loves her job! Very good hot girl! Thnx! Please keep us cumming real hard baby!
gourekus wrote (2018-03-03 01:23:00):
Thank you for another very nice video! Violetta is looking beautiful in this one and she´s definitely not too shy. What I miss so much however (like with so many models on SB) are different facial expressions of the girl! Give us seductive, aroused, alluring, exhausted, arrogant, enticing looks, not only that faint smile the whole video through! Girls, seduce the watcher with your eyes and mouth! This would be so much more exciting! And why don´t we get to see the girls in luxurious lingerie and sexy, hot high heels? I keep begging for some glamour on this site for months!