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Name: Elisia
ID: 750    Rank: 4.45
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Bra size: A
Country: Russian Federation
Members Rating:

Elisia is that kind of a girl who will never say no to anything. She is 19 and comes straight from the Russian Federation. Her photos and videos truly shows that she definitely has a place in the online modeling world and she proves that from time to time by getting out there and doing what she does the best, get naked and get all nasty and horny for your pleasure. Elisia is not like anyone else for sure.

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Model: Soa
Chris13a wrote (2019-12-13 15:31:31):
What a hot & amazing super-cutie!
Perfect curves, stunning face, breasts and a pussy that drive me totally crazy! An absolute dream girl!
Can we see her in videos, please?!
xtc1974 wrote (2019-07-17 07:18:03):
absolutely stunning and gorgeous girl.
anonymous wrote (2019-03-02 22:34:55):
Agree w other posters! PLEASE lets see some videos of this sweetie! With lots of good close up action of her showing off that fabulous bald pee-pee & GORGEOUS tight puckered asshole!
Abraxas_II wrote (2019-02-26 13:54:33):
This mega-cutie has written "HOT" all over her body! You can almost feel her vigor in her pictures! Elisia is absolutely flawless from head to toe; everything about her seems to be so perfect; itīs not only her beauty, itīs her exciting charisma and playfulness as well. I bet in a ballet-video she will look absolutely irresistible and breathtaking! Please make it happen!